In recognition  of the need  to more  effectively manage surface water run– off, the environment  agency introduced a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) approach, to water management. Pebbo Paving resin bound  paving helps meet the requirements of SUDS, providing  a fully permeable  surface which prevents  the formation  of standing water  by facilitating  rapid drainage.

Planning  authorities  are increasingly expecting that planning  applications  will demonstrate  how a more  sustainable  approach to drainage has been incorporated into development proposals. They may also use planning conditions  to secure  the implementation of SUDS, some authorities having used  specific supplementary Planning guidance.

Specifying Pebbo Paving, resin bound paving in any  planning application  ensures that the proposal demonstrates  the implementation of a more sustainable  drainage system– whilst at the same time delivering  an attractive, durable, and low maintenance  surface

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Our high quality permeable  surfaces  significantly reduce the problems caused  by standing water, providing a wide range  of safety, comfort and maintenance benefits. The resin bound surfacing simply allows  water to drain through quickly and efficiently. For more information about the correct sub-base to use, please contact our technical support team.

Environmental Policy

Pebbo Paving Ltd takes a close and responsible interest  in the environment  impact  of its activities  and the projects which  it is involved . The company  aims to contribute  to environment improvements  and sustainable  development  and to minimize  any negative environmental impacts.

The key points  of the companies  strategy  to achieve this  are :


the company  compiles  fully with all environmental  legislation and approved  codes of practice.


Corporately and individually, a range of tasks  and processes are undertake to achieve  best practice  and ensure continual improvement

Waste Storage and disposal

All waste is recycled wherever possible.

Management practices

The company maintains a record  of compliance  and continually reviews legislation  and industry best practice.


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