Providing  the traditional  charm and  appearance  of loose stone, the Pebbo Paving natural aggregate  range has the added  benefit  of maintaining  the integrity of the surface throughout its life—with no risk  of loose gravel or stone migration. This makes  the resin  bound gravel  surface ideal for any areas that may be difficult  to access  with a road sweeper or  that  may require rigorous maintenance regime.

Our comprehensive  range of natural bound gravel  and rushed rock offers a wide choice of colours  and textures. From rich golden browns  and mellow shades  of honey to crisp whites and modern  charcoal, the palette  offers options  for all types of project and design—with products used either in isolation  or in combination  to achieve the  required design.

Most finishes are available in 3mm, 6mm  or 10mm sized aggregate to deliver different effect s for a range of projects. If there is a colour  which isn’t included  in our standard range, we will do our best  to source a suitable product ; please contact us with your requirements.

Supplied by the UK’s leading  manufacturer SureSet